“The Earth is what we all have in common.”
—Wendell Berry



2020 gave us a glimpse into the future of our world. Each one of the photos above is from a extreme weather event this year which were all driven by the climate crisis.

(1) Australian Bushfires

72,000 square miles burned, 451 dead, 3 Billion animals killed or displaced, 9,350+ homes destroyed, $100 Billion in damages

(2) Jakarta Flooding

80 dead, 400,000 displaced, 60,000 homeless

(3) Locust Swarms In East Africa

Effects are not yet totally known.

(4) Flooding and Landslides In Brazil

Total of 150 Dead and 50,000+ displaced, at least $100 Million in Damages

(5) Arctic Forrest Fires

3.3 Million Hectares Burned (12,471 square miles)

(6) Yangtze River Flooding In China

54.8 million effected, at least 158 dead or missing, $20 Billion in losses

(7) USA Heat Wave

295 million + effected

(8) Extreme Flooding In Nepal and India

50+ dead 50 more missing, at least 1,000 displaced

(9) 125°F In Baghdad

7.6 million + effected

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Very informative post via @fff.digital#EnvironmentalRacism is an increasingly important issue. The corruption of power within governments and institutions allows authorities to specifically discriminate against people of color through laws that limit access to environmental resources. The indigenous are especially affected, as their land is being taken away to build pipelines! We must demand #EnvironmentalJustice now to help stand with the indigenous! So #DigitalStrike the #PollutersOut to help #DefendtheDefenders!

Comment 👊 if you’re ready to #DefendtheDefenders

If you haven't read it yet, and have a bit of time on your hand we'd highly recommend @gretathunberg's six month travel diary in the 2020 climate change issue of @time.

She offers such great insight into how to think about solving the climate crisis and how our mindset, and particularly the mindset of world leaders, needs to completely change. There isn't a silver bullet, but so many of us are still wasting our time reaching for one.

Do you have a favorite climate quote?

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