Humans Can't Adapt To Climate Change

It’s Meme Monday!

Many people are under the impression that humans will be able to simply survive climate change, that is incredibly misguided. Humans rely on a stable eco-system to life, without it we would be unable to grow crops and raise animals meaning we would run out of food. Homo Sapiens first appeared on earth 200,000 years ago and human civilization established 12,020 years ago. Before that our ancestors were walking the earth for 1,000,000 years and in that time temperatures had never reached greater than 3°C above pre-industrial levels. Since the dawn of modern civilizations temperature of Earth remained some what stable varying only 1°C, that stability is what allowed us to develop our society. Changes in the earths climate historically happen gradually, that’s what allowed us to survive two ice ages, now the temperature is rising at a rate of growth that would more appropriate to 10x the amount of time. We can’t adapt to climate change, it’s simply happening to fast.

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