The Five Borough Bikeway

This morning we asked on our story “If you could bike to school, would you” and “Why or why not”

Many people who said no had this in common, it would take to much time because there aren’t many bike lanes near them OR it’s dangerous.

This plan will change that. #TheFiveBoroughBikeWay would create protected bike “high ways” that would allow thousands of New Yorkers a much faster and now safer way to get to work. In the age of the Coronavirus, use of public transport is plummeting and above ground personal transport such as bikes and scooters are in high demand. If this plan was put in place it would connect segments of bike lanes together, creating a fluid network of protected bike lines. This would reduce the amount of traffic in our city and there for improve the air quality. If this plan was pur in place would you change your commuting habits? Share what you think in the comments and share this cool idea with your friends!

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