The “Other” Outbreak

The “Other” Outbreak

Right now Eastern Africa is being swarmed by trillions of Locusts that consume all vegetation in their path in groups as big as entire cities. Now it looks like this outbreak will develop into a plague... How did we get here?

This crisis begins in November of 2018 as a devastating drought hit Eastern Africa as-well as the Horn. It wasn’t until May of 2019 that the drought officially broke to the relief of many. But when it began to rain the relief turned to horror as the dry ground didn’t suck up the water because the once spongy soft soil with the roots of plants being turned to dust. Before this point Eastern Africa has just suffered extreme flooding from two back to back cyclones, which washed away much of the remaining top soil that would of been helpful in defending against floods and destroyed many of the remains crop fields. For the past 6 months since the drought broke Eastern Africa and the Horn has been hit with storm after storm leaving once bone dry pieces of land submerged under water and mostly unusable. Once the soil finally absorbed all the water it became the perfect place for an unusually high amount of Locust, who had been born in the aftermath of major storms, to lay eggs. In 2020 the heavy rain continued which meant every 3 months the number of Locust would increase by 20 fold. But scientists believe that a third wave in June may be 400x worse then what’s happening now. What would that mean? A plague, killing millions of people. It’s important to remember that THIS IS NOT NORMAL. To summarize: Because climate change is causing water temperature in the Indian Ocean to rise, making cyclones more frequent, as well as causing more frequent droughts across the continent: Locust Swarms will become much more frequent and possibly permanently damaging.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read through this! What climate related topics do you want us to cover next?

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